Trading Service

I first launched this service in a much more basic form all the way back in October 2010 and if I’m being totally honest, I only introduced it at the request of a Russian Lady who bought a trading guide off me on Ebay. She mentioned in an email that she thought it would be really helpful if there was a service which actually supplied trading selections each day so she didn’t have to mess around doing all of the work herself before she went to work each day.

I initially doubted there would be demand for such a service but went ahead anyway and began offering free trial subscriptions to people that purchased my Ebay guides and figured I’d see how much mileage the idea had. There was really little extra effort for me to supply the selections since I was doing the work for myself anyway, it was simply a matter of forwarding it on as soon as it was ready each morning and also served as a nice little extra for people that had purchased from me before.

At the time I was doing a lot of business on eBay (mainly as I had no idea when it came to web development) and despite my initial reservations, the uptake was nothing short of phenomenal! The idea itself was a new one and I think that it was clear to people how much effort was being put into the service in the background. When I finally managed to work out how to set up a basic website things went from strength to strength and reached a peak of around 150 long-term paying members.

I’ll happily admit that I was stunned at the level of interest and so I sought to make my service one of the best available anywhere on the web, offering not just an email with selections, but also trying to build relationships with subscribers and actually try to educate them in the art of trading itself. Over the next 12 months my service went from just a simple idea for a basic, daily email service to Seminars across the country, regular webinars, 1-2-1 training, a multitude of products and a Live Trading room where people could join up and come into the room and trade the plan I sent out live as part of the daily email.

I ran this vast array of services constantly until December 2013 when a sudden breakdown in the health of my father forced me to put the service on hold for a short while and it wasn’t until April 2014 that I began broaching a return to service. This time though, I had planned to do it the way I should have done it to begin with and build slowly, taking only the bits that offer best value to both the customer. I’ve been building ever since and towards the back end of 2016, there have been some major improvements to the service that you can read all about just below.

One of my main concerns when I considered my return was the demand on my own time. When I was running the Live Service full-time, there were some days I was having to be in the room for 18hours+ so as to give everybody a fair crack of the whip. I decided this was just not sustainable to any decent standard and so instead offered that kind of advanced training in many different group and individual formats instead.

It wasn’t until May 2014 that I had rebuilt the foundations of the service having updated of all my records, databases and spreadsheets, put together a revamped idea of what I wanted the service to be and also what I wanted it to grow into. And so I began trialling the new idea for service to the members who had been with me for extended periods of time as I know some of them personally and they at least all know how I operate.

Through a combination of considered feedback and a lot of hard work I finally settled on a service that I was ready to come back with and build on in the future and in August 2014 I relaunched the email service free of charge to all members who had been part of my service when I originally suspended it.

Over the next couple of months we made a packet collectively on Horses, Tennis and Football selections and finally on October 1st 2014, I again began charging for the service and it’s that carefully developed service that I offer to you today.

As a member of the service you receive:

  • Daily email and excel spreadsheet delivered to your inbox each morning
  • Speed Ratings for every horse running that day across all UK Horse meetings
  • Horse Racing trading selections to trade both in-play and pre-race.
  • Multiple Racecards and Results sets in excel format
  • Tennis selections for in-play trading with clearly defined entry/exit points
  • Tennis ratings for each game to be played that day
  • Football trading selections with clearly defined entry/exit points for stress free trading
  • Additional information for football trades – ratings, expectancies, tissue prices etc..
  • A clear Summary plan for the day
  • Members chat room where members can discuss their own ideas and just generally mingle
  • Trading workshops
  • Continuous improvements to the service – I don’t rest with what I have, I’m always trying to give you more!
  • Unlimited email support

You can read all about what’s included in the mail each day in the prospectus just below but if that doesn’t answer all of your questions, I am only a CONTACT FORM away and will get back to you as soon as I can.

If, after reading the prospectus you are ready to subscribe, you may wish to check out the FREE TRIAL option first so as you know if the service is going to be for you or not. Alternatively,