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Excellent piece of work, great comms, highly recommended seller

— teejayuk

And here we have it – the most complete tennis strategy guide you could wish to own!


Most importantly, this guide doesn’t simply pay lip service to tired old theories, bad strategies or concern itself too much with a need for beginners to find their own way into the markets.On supplying a guide, the content should be accessible to beginners and advanced traders alike and in this manual, you will walk through the very basic stuff, all the way to the absolutely most amazing way to make money on Tennis markets.

I really don’t buy into the theory that learning sports trading is supposed to be hard work and whilst it is going to take some time to learn the best execution and control over entries, I firmly believe…..

and this really matters..

If you are a relative novice, then it’s undoubtedly the best idea to start with something that you will actually make money with!

It seems that the accepted principle behind “Beginners” strategies is that they don’t really work at all, and it will cost you a lot of money to find this out.

I say that’s NONSENSE!

Why do people think all beginners should be losers at trading?

Because they don’t want you to know what they are really doing!

In running the Live Service for as long as I did and now with the Mentoring Service I noticed a worrying trend among new subscribers and it’s that a lot of them are on the verge of apathy with regards Sports trading, mainly as a result of placing too much stock in ideas they have read in forums or inferior guides and services that ultimately just don’t work.

This to me is not only very sad, it also presents me with an awful lot of work because not only is it my responsibility to turn around unprofitable traders… it’s also a difficult task to convince them to drop the bad habits they have picked up.

So whilst this work is suitable for everybody, even the advanced traders won’t be operating this way, I hope that in making works like this accessible to the less experience traders starting out on their journey, I can save them a lot of heartache and frustration along the way.

Even if you are an experienced trader, this manual will give you a completely new foundation for trading tennis markets.
The strategies contained within all actually make you money in real-life, not just a theoretical wonderland!

Let’s take a look at a brief summary of what’s inside……

  • 112-page PDF base product
  • All of the so-called “Beginners” strategies discussed and examined
  • A look at the Betfair interface and the use of ladders as an automatic aid to profitable trading
  • A breakdown of the market dynamic and price action within the tennis markets
  • A simplistic but supremely effective strategy with clearly defined entry and exit points that can be used “as is” from the moment you learn it
  • Swing trading (in the true sense) explained and another strategy for finding the best positions in a market
  • Strategies for WTA and ATP that will work straight away
  • A spreadsheet that identifies trading opportunities for you – it gives exact entry/exit and stop points.
  • Staking and bank management advice to encourage steady bank growth and restrict losses to a minimum
  • A brief introduction to building a predictive model to identify strengths and weaknesses of the players for betting/trading purposes
  • A look at Winners Markets and how to trade them

All in all, this manual is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for ANY tennis trader anywhere and I can almost guarantee that anybody, no matter their level of skill or experience will learn something worthwhile from this manual.

So many people can’t be wrong!


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