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Webinars Prospectus

A variety of courses delivered throughout the year directly to your computer.

Covering a wide range of subjects, these courses are often a more practical way of participating as they don't require you to travel in the same way as seminars.

You will find all of the current session planned through to the end of 2021.

Whilst dates are subject to change, I don't anticipate any issues. However, since maximum group size is limited, it may be I have to run additional sessions that are not currently listed in order to cater for everybody.

If there is a specific course you are interested in, but no suitable date listed, do let me know via the contact form as I do conduct 1-2-1 sessions on all topics listed.

For a more in-depth training session, you may wish to consider the seminars

If you're interested in attending a webinar, you can download the prospectus which details what is covered on the day and how the event is structured.


Tennis Trading


A 6 hour course focusing on strategy for trading tennis matches.


Football Trading


A 6 hour course focusing on modelling football matches, creating projections about the days games and implementing some effective strategies.


Horse Trading (Pre-Race)


A 6 hour course focusing on how to extract data from web-based storage systems and use it to build predictive models - using PHP and Python.