Training Service

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An ongoing course in which you receive training content weekly. Progress through the course and receive all of the tools and education you need to be a professional.

Conceived as a hybrid service, the training service is intended as a combination of the existing services - Trading Service and the Mentoring Service.

It focuses on weekly content that aims to build you up, one piece at a time, into a successful trader and bettor and is structured in such a way that weekly content follows on from previous content, expanding on what we have and introducing new concepts along the way..

This service is suitable for both the beginner and more advanced trader alike since the core product is strategy and system building whilst a ton of information for the beginner is provided with the starter pack that you can download once subscription is complete.

If you've previously been a member of the Trading Service, I'll be teaching you how to process all of the information and selections that come as part of that service.

Likewise, if you've ever been a member of the Mentoring Service, you'll be familiar with the program we'll build along the way and should see this as a continuation of what we cover in there.

As with the other services, all content is delivered via the Member's Area and once subscribed, you'll be able to gain access to the Training Service panel from where you download each weekly package as they become available.

Straight off, you will be able to download the Starter Pack and the Week 1 content. From there, with each passing week, you'll be able to download new weekly content which will autmatically become available to you.

The Training Service panel looks like this and can be accessed directly from the Member's Area once you are subscribed...

Member's Area

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The core component of this program is an application that you receive as part of the starter pack.

As we work our way through the course, we'll expand this content and build in a series of data scrapers, trade selection tools, database functionality that helps save information, click-the-button style execution betting systems and a great deal more.

Operation of this program requires ZERO technical knowledge on your part. Everything is done for you and requires only the clicking of buttons to perform any tasks you require.

With each content pack, this program is developed further and automatically checks for any updates that may be available to fix issues that mnay arise from time to time.

The only requirement on you is to replace this file each time a new content pack is available. This will automatically expand the program at your end and the further into the course we go, the more expansice the application will become.

Program Sneak Peak

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This service is delivered completely automatically and there is no email delivery of the weekly content. Instead, as each week is qualified for, it will become available for download from the Training Service panel in the Members Area.

That said, I am of course still on hand to provide support and assistance via email on anything related to the service, I just don't manually manage the delivery of content.

Let's have a look at what's included ...

What's Included?

  • Weekly content delivered directly from the Member's Area.
  • Extensive auxiliary program featuring an array of tools and scrapers
  • Constant evolution and click-the-button style execution in everything offered
  • Each weekly package contains a host of PDF's and tools to both build on what has gone before and also introduct new ideas
  • Over the full course we'll look at multiple sports including Horses, Football, Tennis and Cricket
  • Focus on trading and betting as opposed to one or the other.
  • Unlimited email support whilst a member of the program
  • Access to project groups that are running in the background featuring many members from other services
  • *** Download the prospectus for the detailed list of all course content ***

I'd advise you to download the prospectus if you would like to know in detail what the service provides.

You can subscribe to this service using the link at the top of the page.

Hopefully I've done a good job of detailing everything that's included in there but if you have any specific questions, you can fire them over using the Contact Form.

I aim to respond within 24 hours.