Trading Service

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A daily service featuring bets and trades, trial systems, access to a host of tools and data scraping programs and early access to new programs. Delivered via browser application or directly via the Members Area

Originally, back in 2010, I had no intention of ever starting any kind of service. I was quite content just selling my guides on eBay and the thought of running anything on a subscription basis just had never entered my thinking.

However, on selling one of those guides, the customer messaged me asking if I ran any kind of advisory service. I didn't and responded that I'd never thought of it however, she quickly responded that she would personally find it very useful if somebody else was taking the time out to identify suitable trades for the systems outlined in my guides.

This got me to thinking that perhaps she was onto something.

It certainly did make sense that I would be perhaps best placed to identify the most suitable opportunities for trading since the selection process was one that I was advising. Furthermore, if I could charge a small fee to both save the customer time and also compensate me for the admin side of things, it made sense on a number of levels.

I began the service offering free trials to customers of my guides on eBay... I didn't even have a website at this point and had no idea how to set one up. The interest though surprised me!

The service I was offering was just a few thoughts on some tennis matches and a couple of football trades that may be of interest on one of the selection systems. it was supplied as an add-on rather than anything else and I wasn't even charging an additional fee for it at this time.

I had figured that, since I was doing the work anyway, it wouldn't be much additional effort to pass on the fruits of my labour for interested parties...I had of course misjudged the admin side of things that goes with that... replying to emails and the like.

Before long, and you can read a more complete story here, it simply became too much to operate as a free service any longer and I began charging a small fee.

Since then, through many years of development and testing, we arrived at where we are today with the current trading service.


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In short, this service is based around direct delivery of information on a range of sports and markets and also my own personal trading plan for the day.

The day plan currently is supplied directly via an in-house application that functions on any device.
Information is delivered directly to your screen and all you need to operate it is your browser of choice. It's also fully customisable and extendable and full detailed instructions are included within the Members Guide.

Alternatively, you can also download it from the Member's Area directly if that's more convenient.

Member's Area

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As a member of this service you also get full access to the powerful BFGCore API allowing you to download much more information than that highlighted here as well as requesting custom scripts for specific information you need but isn't immediately available.

If you would like some custom information compiling and presenting in .csv format on a daily basis, just let me know once you've subscribed and I'll endeavour to work something in there for you.
It's very easy to customise the application to make full use of anything the API currently caters for

Let's have a look at what's included ...

What's Included?

  • Full unlimited access to the BFGCore API (An array of information tools allowing you to compile things like racecards, football odds etc.. into spreadsheet formats)
  • Free javascript-based application allowing you to request information directly as and when you need it.
  • Access to many tools and programs in the Member's Area including downloadable advanced excel-based racecards.
  • Speed Ratings for every horse running that day across all UK Horse meetings
  • Horse Racing trading selections to trade both in-play and pre-race
  • Tennis selections for in-play trading with clearly defined entry/exit points
  • Football trading selections with clearly defined entry/exit points for stress free trading
  • Additional information for football trades – ratings, expectancies, tissue prices etc
  • A clear Summary plan for the day
  • Trading workshops
  • Continuous improvements to the service – I don’t rest with what I have, I’m always trying to give you more and my focus is always on existing customers, rather than on trying to attract new ones
  • *** Now Features Updated Member's Area and API Access!!! ***

I'd advise you to download the prospectus if you would like to know in detail what the service provides.

You can subscribe to this service using the link either below or over to the right hand side depending on what device you are using.

Hopefully I've done a good job of detailing everything that's included in there but if you have any specific questions, you can fire them over using the Contact Form.

I aim to respond within 24 hours.