For a couple of years now I’ve been searching for a source of downloadable Horse Racing racecards without success and as I’m now at a point where I want to further automate my betting and trading portfolio, access to this type of service is very important to me. With the absence of any other vendor of information of this type I’ve done what I always do and solved the problem myself creating racecards in a spreadsheet each morning and now making them available for FREE to anybody that wants to download them.

Previously I supplied these sheets via .xls downloads and only relating to one particular compilation. I now have multiple compilations and I’m working in more information all of the time. I have had to recompile the scripts recently so previous sheets will be formatted differently than those which are now available.

I am currently including the following:

• Racecards for each race in spreadsheet format. There are 2 different varieties of card, both with different features incorporated.

• Full results from each race the previous day. There are 2 different varieties of results.

• Additional info about the day’s runners including C&D Winners, Hot Trainers/Jockeys, and much more..

• Ongoing changelog detailing what I’ve changed

• Bug/Suggestion report form as part of the sheet itself.

For those that want to go beyond reliance on the sheets I provide, I also have available a collection of parser’s used in the process which are updated regularly. If a particular parser is unavailable, it’s because it still needs some work  on the formatting and will be available soon.

Prices vary depending on the level of coding required and they may stop working temporarily should their target sites be altered in any way. If this happens, I will distribute fixes in a timely fashion

 You can access the racecards download by registering for access using the form at the bottom of the page. You will only need to complete this process once and once redirected simply bookmark the page for all future access. If there are any problems with access, just let me know via the Contact Form and I’ll resolve the issue manually as soon as I am able.

You can also receive racecards delivered direct to your inbox, as part of the BetfairGuru Trading Service. Click HERE for details

You may also wish to download the USER GUIDE HERE. This will help you to make sense of the data if you need any assistance and is generally always being updated to reflect the most recent changes to the format of the sheets. There is a rather large update required to incorporate the new introductions but I’ll complete this once I have finally settled on suitable formatting and everything that I want to include.


• The email addresses I collect are used to determine the level of interest in this service and if there is a demand there, I will continue to supply and they will always remain 100% free for you to download. I do reserve the right to cease supply if the demand is not there and while I really don’t want to go down that road, valid email addresses are a good means of keeping tabs on how many people are making use of the service.

• I will guarantee the racecards will always be free and funded entirely through the adverts you will find on this page. I don’t make a habit of posting adverts on my site but the time taken to prepare them does have to be compensated for and I settled on this as the best model as it means I can supply them free of charge and will never have to consider any kind of subscription.

Adverts can be irritating but they keep content free.