Racecard Program


Another new product that offers you the opportunity to compile and download racecards in Excel format.
This product also includes the Racecard Analyser program.


A major problem I had when I began experimenting more with Horse racing was the lack of easily accessible data that I could manipulate myself. Those of you who have access my FREE Daily Excel Racecards before will be aware that I solved this problem by creating my own program that would retrieve and compile racecard information for me and give it back to me in Excel format sop as I could then manipulate it and evaluate runners according to any system I was experimenting with at the time.


I made a commitment on releasing the racecards to a wider audience that they would always be provided free of charge and indeed they are and will be. I have made this product available for people that don’t want to be reliant on me to compile them each day but would rather get the work done themselves in their own time.
I have also included the Racecard Analyser program in with this program as to me it made sense to have them both together and offer the full range of functionality to anyone that ultimately ends up buying it.
Let’s have a look at what’s included:




    • Download racecards in excel/csv format – something I don’t think you can really get hold of from anywhere else


    • Download today’s racecards


    • Download tomorrow’s racecards


    • Download today’s results


    • Download yesterday’s results


    • Click the button style execution


  • Comes with a detailed PDF guide on how to install and operate the program


Here are some screenshots of the output from the program in an excel spreadsheet







With everything that’s included here and the tools you have at the click of a button, I think I’ve settled on a very reasonable introductory price of £22.99.

However, if it proves as popular as I think it will, I’ll have to look at upping the price at some stage although I’ll guarantee it until July 1st and see how it goes from there

If you are interested in learning more about coding and development, please consider my manual on the subject – you’ll find it here.