Racecard Crawler


An extensive product to help cut down the time you spend making selections

Another new product and one that seeks to help you shortlist your favourite aspects (jockeys, horses,trainers etc…) and filter the daily racecard for selections that meet your criteria.

I set about developing this product as an experiment more than anything as I wanted to build a platform in which I could use the racecards to make selections based on a set series of criteria.
This product is what I eventually came up with


It allows users to enter filters in the form of jockey names, trainer names etc… and then ask the program to return selection data about only the runners that meet this criteria. For example, once you enter in a few different jockeys and select the jockey search option, the program will return only the selections featuring the jockeys on your list.


Let’s have a look at what’s included:


    • Download Racecards for today and tomorrow


    • Filter by Jockey


    • Filter by Trainer


    • Filter by Course


    • Filter by Horse


    • Add/remove filters at your leisure


    • Click-the-button style execution


    • Simple Admin panel for cleaning up the program and restoring to default


    • Selections and racecards returned in csv format for use in Excel


  • Comes with a detailed PDF guide on how to install and operate the program



Here are some screenshots from the program in operation:





At £14.99 this is a bargain when we consider the amount of code here and also the scope for further development going forwards.
You receive all code – you’re buying the code, I don’t hide it like most people do with applications like this.

If you are interested in learning more about coding and development, please consider my manual on the subject – you’ll find it here.