Racecard Analyser


A bargain at twice the price!

A new product that looks at extending the functionality afforded to us by a daily racecard.


My main issue with other internet-based racecards is the noise included and the rather non-intuitive approach to find out further information about a given runner. For example, if I want to truly evaluate a horses chances of winning, I’ve to open about 56 pages showing all results about all the other runners, whilst all the time referring back to the main racecard so i know basic information like equipment, jockey etc…


It struck me that it might be easier if I just made my own version and so that’s what I did although I can honestly say I didn’t develop it with a sale in mind, but rather to help me and members of the Mentoring Service look at different ways of evaluating horse-racing racecards.


It was in one of these such meetings that the client for that month suggested I offer this program to a wider audience with the idea being that it’s a solid product in it’s own right but it also would server as a very neat introduction to newcomers to coding and data-retrieval. I happened to agree having given it some thought and supply the full source-code along with the product so you can break it down and see how everything in it connects together.


Let’s have a look at what’s included:


    • Options to analyse the race of your choice from today’s racelist


    • Full racecard provided


    • Works in your browser of choice


    • Great overview of the racecard as a whole with results data displayed alongside racecard data


    • Allows grading of the results according to a points-based system which the user may edit if desired


    • Seeks to give a more accurate reflection of the information in the racecard


    • Displays strength of runners based on general race history


    • Displays strength of runners based on course history


    • Displays strength of runners based on going history


    • Displays strength of runners based on distance history


    • Offers you the tools to price up your own horse race markets


  • Comes with a detailed PDF guide on how to install and operate the program




Here are some screenshots from the program in operation:









All in all, I think at just £9.99 this represents excellent value when we consider the work that went into writing it all to begin with.

If you are interested in learning more about coding and development, please consider my manual on the subject – you’ll find it here.