Racecard Analyser

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If you've ever made use of the Free Racecards, you'll be well aware of the benefits of spreadsheet-based racecards and also the difficulty in obtaining them.

Rather than download them from this website for free every day, this program allows you to download racecards for today and tomorrow at your leisure simply by clicking a few buttons on your home computer.

Armed with your spreadsheet racecard, you can then set about filtering against it using the handy system-building interface included with the program.

The data in the spreadsheet will be run against your filters and the only runners that will get through are those that pass all of the criteria you have outlined.

Furthermore, there's an analysis tab that allows you to examine each race in turn and view all of the information in it's own separate window.

A Sneak Peek

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The product comes with a comprehensive PDF user-guide that explains exactly how to install, operate and respond to any errors that may occur and operation is simple, requiring simple button-clicks to run commands.

The analysis and system-builder sections are part of the core product.

Let's have a look at what's included ...

What's Included?

  • C# Stand alone executbale that runs on youjr desktop
  • Comprehensive PDF operation guide
  • Download daily racecards in spreadsheet format for today and tomorrow
  • Download results in spreadsheet format for today and yesterday
  • Apply a series of filters to the racecard - you can filter for course, weight, age, form, dslr, class, distance and more...
  • Use filters to compile betlist csv's that feature only the runners that pass all of your filters
  • *** *** Now Features Analyser tab where you can evaluate each race in isolation. *** ***

You do not need any other software installed or programming experience to operate this product, it really is just click-and-run.

You can purchase the program using the link at the top of the page.

Unless otherwise specified, the product will download automatically on completion of purchase.