How To Make Webscrapers

How To make Webscrapers – £30 – PRE ORDER

A comprehensive guide to web-scraping with PHP and Python

Note: This product is not currently available for download and can only be ordered on a pre-order basis before release. It will be released on Friday 6th April and the price on release will be £47. You can pre-order now for £30 and if you’ve ordered any of my other products, you know it will be extensive!

A new offering and one I thought long and hard about attempting. I eventually settled on writing it as I felt I had such a good reception to the scraper products I offered for sale, these same customers may be interested in putting these things together themselves.

However, the obvious problem I faced is how to cover such an extensive subject in the media I have available to me. It took much thought and planning but I think what I came up with is exactly what I wanted to begin with and solves this issue in the form of interactive learning.

Allow me to expand on this…

A few years ago, I began exploring the use of scrapers to help speed up my selection processes and automate a lot of what I was already spending a lot of time doing. At this time, I employed a fantastic coder from India to make the programs for me as I really had no idea about programming in any shape or form beyond basic operations in Excel.

This worked well for a time as the code he provided was excellent and exactly as I requested. However, problems arose when something went wrong with the scripts and I myself had no idea how to fix them. This left me reliant on contacting the same guy and having him re-familiarise himself with the code (he was a freelance programmer doing a lot of this work so this invariably took some time) before then getting back to me with a price for fixing it.

This process often took a number of weeks and this left me in a difficult situation in that I could not perform the tasks automatically and had to revert to manual operation. Of course, when you free up time on one task, something else takes it’s place and having this extra workload left me working very hard during the day but not really doing a great deal of anything very well at all.

After a couple of these cycles, I figured I would make contact with more programmers so I had quicker help on hand if one of them was busy when I needed them.
Again, this worked well but as you move farther West across the world, the price quickly starts going North and it just became unfeasible to operate this way.

At a cross-roads, I decided to do what I usually do and just committed to learning how to do it all myself.

It was a lengthy process to say the least as I began with absolutely no clue about what I was doing. It took me around 6 months of doing it every day to really get to a point where I understood and along the way I gained first-hand experience of exactly the best way to learn, what you need to know and what you can discard and also what can be achieved if you stick at something stubbornly until you get where you wish to be.

In this guide, I’ve invested all of that experience and knowledge about the learning process and structured it in such a way as to teach you what you need to know about, when you need to know it. We’ll work through a series of projects with the aim of the guide ultimately being to arrive at a completed program that’s actually useful to you on a daily basis.

The project we’ll complete is supplied with the guide, all code is yours and you have it as a reference should you need to refer to how I did it if you got lost halfway through.

Read on to see exactly what you receive when you purchase this guide

  • Extensive PDF base product
  • A number of template projects of increasing complexity which we’ll work through in the guide
  • Basic introduction to PHP and Python
  • The guide focuses predominantly on PHP although Python is covered as well as it may be a better option for some of you
  • Web scraping basics
  • A host of free auxiliary code to make it easier for you to get started quickly
  • 10 very different projects that we work through in the guide ranging from basic web table scraping through racecard scraping to extensive applications using live data to make betting selections
  • After-sales support and chat-room time if required
  • I’ve never seen anything like this for sale
  • Classes are avoided in the most part and most code is procedural in the early parts so you can easily follow the flow of the project.
  • Full source code to all projects is supplied and yours to keep so you can see how I have approached things. In my experience, being able to pore over working code is very helpful when you’re just getting to grips with things.

It may sound like a daunting subject but once you get started, things will quickly begin to make sense and when you see how easy it is to make a simple scraper, you’ll quickly become enthusiastic about creating more complex projects.

The final project offers click-the-button style execution of all previous projects and serves as a template for creating your own Scraper Homepage


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After that date, on completion of purchase the product will download automatically.