Web Scraping

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A comprehensive guide that details exactly how to build web scrapers to improve and automate your betting or trading.

When I first started out on my trading journey, I was about as far from tech-savvy as you can get.
Beyond a very basic knowledge of spreadsheets from my school-days, I really did know absolutely nothing.

Pretty much everything I developed to assist me in making selections involved a huge bloated spreadsheet and lots of copy/paste to input all of the information.

To be fair, I did manage to operate this way for quite some time and, whilst it was very time consuming and took up most of my week, when you don't really know any better, you just persevere with what you do know and what works for you.

Over the years, the amount of upkeep required had become barely manageable. I would invest an entire day on Thursday just to process all of the information and project trades for the weekend ahead.
Far from ideal and when you throw in 2 hours of horses each morning, every morning... it really did get me to thinking there must be a better and more efficient way to operate.

I began playing around with some scraping programs which did what I needed to an extent but it's of little benefit spending 100 minutes struggling to work out what you're doing each day in order to save you 20.

Having always had an aversion to third-party products - I am concerned I do not fully know what they are doing or where they have come from - I had always resisted outside help. However, with the amount of work increasing weekly, I finally relented and pitched a project on Freelancer.

There was quick interest in my project - I wanted a scraper to scrape some racecards - and finally settled on an Indian gentleman who was very cheap and very efficient.

I was stunned how much time I could save with this.. what would previously have taken me 2 hours of manual copy/paste and manipulation could now be completed in 30 seconds just by clicking a button. I was made up with it and for the next few months everything ran smoothly...

Inevitably, it stopped working one day which forced me to quickly revert back to the manual method ....hard work after you have been spoiled with automation... and whilst I eventually managed to get the issue fixed, it was a good 3 weeks in between it breaking down and getting it fixed.

The next time it broke, it took close on 6 weeks to establish contact and get the issue resolved.... and the next time I heard nothing back at all.

I realised I could not go on like that and so made the decision to invest some serious time in learning Php.

It certainly wasn't easy as I knew absolutely nothing about programming when I started off. However, with time and perseverance (and a little help from a Greek guy I had on Mentoring Service at the time), I was finally able to get my head around it all and start putting out scripts to automate my work.

In this guide, with full knowledge of how difficult an undertaking this is when you start out, I take you from beginner to advanced in a structured way, pointing out everything you need to be aware of along the way.

With structured code samples, full explanation of all technical terms and aspects and a "make a program as you go" approach to learning, I'm very happy with what I've put together.

Here's a more detailed list of everything we'll be looking at in the guide....

What's Included?

  • 200+ page core product PDF
  • Introduction to HTML and typical website structure
  • Introduction to PHP including functions and classes
  • Sample reference code which you will be replicating as you work through the guide
  • Development environment set-up advice and ideas on expanding your program going forwards
  • "Build a program as you go" approach to learning taking you from the very basics all the way to full scraper deployment
  • Contains code for football, tennis and horse scraping projects
  • *** No prior programming knowledge is required!!! ***

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