Trading Tennis

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A unique approach to swing-trading tennis markets that you won't have seen before

It took me a long time to find them but when I did, I quickly learned that tennis markets are the king of all markets!

Not only do they offer the potential of massive rewards, they also enable us to keep a much better control of our risk than most of the other markets we arte likely to encounter.

What's more, with multiple tournaments each week for 10 months of the year, there are so many matches available and so much money to be made.

A Typical Session

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typicalSession Img1
typicalSession Img2
typicalSession Img3

As you can see, the potential for very enticing rewards is commonly available although, of course, you are going to experience some losses along the way.

The flow of this guide is to first look at common strategy - (strategy you've probably used if you've ever traded tennis markets,) - then explain what's wrong with it and why you're most likely not winning any money. We return to these approaches later in the guide to improve them.

From there, we look at the markets in detail, how they react and how they flow.

Finally we introduce 2 very profitable strategies in great detail whilst also looking at how some more well known strategies could be improved upon and made profitable using the knowledge we've learned up until that point.

Don't worry if you've never traded tennis before - (that's better since you won't have any bad habits) - and even if you have, you won't have seen these strategies detailed before by anybody else

To make the implementation easier, I now include a companion program that helps to automate the process of identifying trade opportunities


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Program Img1

This program is written in C# and works on Windows out of the box. You may get it working on other platforms but I cannot guarantee it as cross-platform.

I've listed what else is included in this unique guide just below....

What's Included?

  • 150+ pages core product PDF
  • Extensive breakdown of the markets and associated dynamics
  • Basic strategies, why they fail and how to turn them into profitable ideas
  • Technical analysis and price action explained explained
  • Clear instructions and explanation of 2 extremely profitable methods for swing-trading the tennis markets
  • Easily automated, stress-free trading
  • Low risk - high reward approach
  • Genuinely unique trading methods and strategy
  • *** Now Features Trade Selector C# program for Windows!!! ***

You can purchase the guide using the link at the top of the page.

Unless otherwise specified, the product will download automatically on completion of purchase.