Trading Horses

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A quite extensive guide looking at trading horses both pre-race and in-play.
Now features speed-ratings generation!

Horse-racing markets are generally the place where everybody starts off trading. However, that's not necessarily a good thing!

The markets are tough in general and the horse-racing markets are some of the toughest of all.

They are where the shrewdest of operators ply their trade and if you aren't careful, you'll find yourself losing money on a consistent basis.

In this guide, I take the approach of laying out our competition, exploring all possible angles of approach in beating them, and then settle on the best of it whilst carefully disregarding the stuff that will lose you money.

This approach of detailing common strategies and explaining why they fail has proven popular. Primarily because, once we've discussed our core strategies, we then go back and look at the common stuff and see how we could improve it based on what we've learned in the guide.

This approach to development throughout the guides really drives home the mindset and logic you'll need to make a success of things.

A recent 1 hour session using these strategies....

A Typical Session

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All guides are structured in a modular way meaning examples and specific strategy receive attention in their own comprehensive auxiliary guides that come as part of the package.

This guide in particular focuses on all aspects of trading the horse-racing markets, taking you from beginner or experienced to profitable and professional.

We'll look at pre-race markets and also in-play markets and list working strategy and ideas for expansion.

The guide also now includes extended sections on how to generate your own speed ratings and also a lengthy section on different approaches to betting and how to develop your own betting systems.

Let's have a look at what's included ...

What's Included?

  • 150+ pages core product PDF
  • Extensive breakdown of the markets and associated dynamics
  • Multiple examples of how to execute pre-race trades
  • Technical analysis and price action explained explained
  • In-play trading strategy and associated risks
  • Using speed ratings to trade horses in-play
  • Multiple approaches and many different strategies included across both disciplines
  • *** Now Features Betting section!!! ***
  • *** Now Features Speed Rating Generation section!!! ***

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