Trading Football

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An extensive guide that really opens up the football markets and tells you what you need to know to win.

Football markets are hard!

Not only are the prices very accurate but the very nature of the market pits so much against you that's it's very difficult to come out on top.

After a long time of struggling to make headway in the markets, it was only really with my move into tennis markets that I began to hit on real strategy ideas that could be applied in a similar way on football. Through perseverance and many years of trial and error though I have managed to now make Football trading a very major part of my trading business and it was all simply a matter of taking control rather than reacting and following the crowd.

Allow me to explain

Football trading to me has it’s main problems in price action and the fact that any event which can effect the price except time tends to do so in a dramatic way about which you can do very little if you’re on the wrong side of it. So working with this idea as what I absolutely did not want to do, I set about devising some workable strategies that would allow me to better manage my control of risk and reward.

I concluded that the only sensible method of trading football markets was to start with your own ideas on what was likely to happen during the match.

In a similar way to how I use my Horses and Tennis ratings, I developed ratings for most of the European football leagues and built them into a prediction model which would give me a much better idea of how a particular match was likely to play out. Using this information, I was much better able to devise suitable approaches for the game in question based on the actual numbers for that game.

For example, if we to take a game between Man Utd and Tottenham , it’s of very little consequence to us how either side performs against a weak, bottom-of-the-table side. It’s much more useful for me to know how the sides are likely to perform against each other or sides of comparative strengths. If I can gauge that, and reduce the situation to a series of probabilities, then I can make more informed decisions about which markets may be best to target either pre-game or in-play.

In this comprehensive guide, I will take you on my journey from the absolute basics starting point, through a multi-point plan that explains in great detail exactly how I ultimately made sense of the markets and clearly outlines many different strategies and how to apply them

With the focus of narration on guiding you through the process of building a complete football model, from beginning to end, I don't think there's a guide like this available anywhere on the web

I've looked at the main contents just below and I firmly believe this is my best product offering so far.

What's Included?

  • 100-page core product PDF
  • Ready-made spreadsheet / pre-built football model with extensive user guide
  • Built-in trade selector and bet selector tables
  • Concise instructions on building football models and pricing up all major markets
  • Common strategies, why they fail and how we can improve them
  • Breakdown of my strategies for many different markets including Overs/Unders, Correct Score and Match Odds markets
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • *** Now includes software for compiling projections!!! ***

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