Betting Systems

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A long-awaited guide on the steps and approaches needed to build profitable betting systems.

I've long been asked to produce a guide like this but quite simply have never quite had the time to sit down and put all of my thoughts together into a single long continuous piece of writing.

With my other manuals now all in places where I wanted them to be, I've decided to release a new product that looks at all of the things that the other guides do not with them being more trading-focused.

Containing in great detail my entire thought process around building betting systems, some of which I've detailed in the paragraphs that follow

Value is good but value just for value's sake is bad

A contentious statement I'm sure but I strongly believe that betting value alone will bust you out before you realise any long-term edge unless you're very lucky indeed.

Parameters must be graded and not used in isolation and performance should be recorded relative to the situation in which it was achieved

What use is knowing Chelsea beat Burnley 6-0 if they're playing Liverpool this week who have only conceded 10 goals in 30 games?
It means very little.

Staking is vital but it can't be used to turn a losing system into a winning one

Of primary concern must be the selection system. Staking can certainly have transformative effects on a result set but if your selections are inherently bad it won't end well.

Under-staking is as much of a problem as over-staking

I see this with trading as well, the temptation to over-stake often comes from extended periods of time under-staking

In this far-reaching guide we'll move from the very start of the process (settling ona sport) to deciding what data we need, isolating parameters, analysing them and building a series of betting systems for a variety of different sports.

The core of the process focuses on horses and football betting but the principles can be applied to any sport and we do look at how that could be applied in some detail.

Here's a more detailed list of everything we'll be looking at in the guide....

What's Included?

  • 200+ page core product PDF
  • Spreadsheets and programs to aid the data analysis process
  • A look at basic and advanced theory
  • Create a number of betting systems for Horses, Football and other sports
  • Common strategies, why they fail and how we can improve them
  • Staking and bank management
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
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  • *** Comprehensive results management program included ***

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