Absolute Beginners

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If you're new to sports trading or betting, your journey should start here with this free introductory guide

Since I started my original service I've operated all manner of interaction types with subscribers and almost without expection, the issues they had with trading were issues that could easily have been prevented had they had a proper grounding to begin with.

If the correct ideas had been installed right at the beginning, many of those traders would have been in positions of profitability much sooner.

That's what we're attempting to achieve with this guide - offer a clear starting path to both the newby trader coming at this for the first time and also the struggling trader that wants to go back to the very beginning and start over.

Focusing on all manner of topics aside from strategy (this is covered in the Strategy Guide), this guide is the perfect beginner's companion and it's absolutely free.

Let's see what's included...

What's Included?

  • Introduction to sports trading as a concept
  • Common mistakes and how to start off on the right path
  • The best sports to trade and why
  • The benefits of software explained and demonstrated
  • Constructing a basic trade
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