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Trading Guide

Trading Guide Img

A free guide that looks at some basic ideas on strategy for trading various sports on the exchange.

Whilst 'strategy' abounds across the internet, very little of it really make a great deal of sense.

In this free guide, I look at some of the more popular ideas you'll encounter, address what's wrong with them and then offer some of my own ideas for your consideration, as well as suggestions on how you could go about expanding them.

Building on the introduction offered in Absolute Beginners

Contents include...

What's Included?

  • How I first got into sports trading and some of the problems I faced
  • Overview of a simple trade
  • Explanation of software and why it benefits us
  • General Sports Trading advice section
  • My thoughts on a variety of sports (Football, Horse_Racing, Tennis & Greyhounds) and strategy to trade them
  • Useful links.

This guide touches on strategy and attempts to get you thinking about the markets in the right way.

It's not intended for the experienced professional but I would like to think it will contain something to help most people.

If you have any suggestions as to what would be useful to include then please do let me know using the contact form