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One of the main issues I found when I started attempting to rate and price football matches was consistency of information. Primarily that related to problems with consistent team names but also I have problems locating information for a decent number of leagues.

When I first started seriously trading and betting on horses back in 2010, I was often frustrated at not being able to find daily racecard information and/or results in useful formats for use in excel. Perhaps understandably, the information was all confined to websites that you had to visit each day and load a new tab for every single race.

This is all exceptionally time consuming as I'm sure you've found and even to this day, I still cannot find a single source, anywhere on the Internet that enables you to download daily racecards without paying for a subscription service. Troubled by this, I set about doing what I generally always do and explored ways of compiling this information myself.

My early solutions were far from perfect!

Armed with zero knowledge of any programming language and only a basic knowledge of Excel, I out-sourced the job to a chap from India. Whilst his work was exquisite and pricing very reasonable, the practicalities of dealing with somebody in a different time zone meant every request or issue was taking extended periods of time to resolve and with him also working full time, obtaining support on coding issues as problems arose was a very difficult task.

Having being left with no access to my scripts for a period of weeks and it looking like a similar time period again before the issues could be fixed, I took the plunge and decided I really needed to learn how to work with PHP myself so as I could make my own scripts, own code and always be on hand to fix any issues that came about

It took a while but finally I was able to put together decent scripts that would fetch the information I needed and compile/process it in whichever way I required.

This is what I offer on this page... they're free if you want to download them and your file will be returned in a .csv format, ideal for Excel or other spreadsheet programs. The data sets are limited to UK Racecourses. If there is demand for Irish courses, please let me know via the contact form and I'll see what I can do to start including them.

I also offer a paid solution whereby you can subscribe for a small fee each month and receive the racecards delivered to you directly via email each morning as and when they are compiled.

If this interests you, you can subscribe in the relevant section below.