Liverpool Performance Under Jurgen Klopp (Part 1)

After almost a year in charge, how much improvement, if any, has the German been responsible for?
This is an introductory look at how the media love-in with Klopp actually contrasts with the raw data thrown out by his reign so far.

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In the light of recent media adulation of Klopp and his hyperactive style of football, and having learned to think for myself a long time ago, I decided to set about physically gauging what improvements he has made to Liverpool, if any, since his appointment.

Now,it’s important you don’t get me wrong from the outset here. I admire the affable German and like his and Liverpool’s style of play so far this season. The intensity and desire to play entertaining football is to be lauded but that’s not to say it’s particularly effective over long periods of time.

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