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Excellent product, excellent service, Wish i'd bought it years ago


Loving the service, up 7 points in one day and could be more but I have to go out now. Keep up the good work


Even if you hadn't sent me today's spreadsheet, I have to say that I already like you! BUT, thanks for sending.

From the way you respond, it is quite obvious you are not some hoodwinker.


I have read many football trading ebooks,but yours is absolute best. Regards Erkki.


absolutely smashed it yesterday with your unders on football... nice one mate keep it up


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the excellent seminar. It was everything I expected it to be and the generous addition of a couple of free months in the live room exceeds my expectations.

I'm genuinely excited now I can see a clear route forward with trading.


Ive been loving the changes to the mail so far.
In the begining I only really used the mail for trading on the tennis pick as I had my own thing going with the horses but since you\'ve included all of the additional data on the previous prices its been a huge plus for me now as well.

I usually try and trade up a good profit in the 10 min before any race that you have picked a horse and then put that on the pick to trade out on play that way when it comes in I double my profit and if it doesnt Im not down anything.

The tennis for me has been amazing I am really impressed with how you approach it and the break downs of each game in the mails are very imformative.
I hope to have some of that knowledge you have built up over the years myself in the future.


My opinion is what you do is very unique, very-very value and full of informations, tips and I think is very good.
Absoletly stunning. I've never met anyone who make such an effort to write every emails from day to day...


Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the football trading manual and how much it has helped me.

I won't bore you with my personal circumstances, let's just say 'not the best'.
I needed something to help me make money, maybe not immediately, but soonish, if possible.

I feel that after reading your football manual I have a much better understanding of what is required to make money by trading in football, and I have already started to see the benefits by using small stakes and the methods in the manual, and I'm learning all the time, and hope to continue to do so

So, I just want to thank you for showing me there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again


All in all mate I think you offer an excellent service and am really enjoying being a member.


Bying outside eBay do not give me access to the feedback form, so unfortunately I can not give any to your excellent work.


With regards to minimal feedback; perhaps it’s a function of the continuing high standard of what you’re providing. People find it easier to complain that praise!


What you do is fantastic + I've learnt loads from you + your knowledge + those in + around the service you have created. Thanks very much + I hope you guys go from strength to strength


cheers for the nba last night- woke up to a 3 froM 3 on the split stakers!


Thanks for wonderful day yesterday,and the feeling is mutual, it was lovely to meet and talk with someone who did this for a living and was willing to share his knowledge and ideas with plain talking and no bullshite and all the other lads were dead on and I am sure I speak for us all when I say we came away a lot wiser yesterday evening.

I know I had a really enjoyable time and thanks again.



just wanted to thank you for yesterdays seminar , looking forward to putting the knowledge you gave us into action , away for a week tomorrow so have to wait til then which will be frustrating , it was good to meet you and the others as we are all trying to achieve the same goal , i know you were concerned the day went quicker than you expected , but i think may be more questions will come as we all try and put into action what you explained to us , enjoy your day off with your familly and will be in touch when i get back and thank you again


Would just like to say this is a brilliant service mate i only joined this week and i'm realy enjoying it,i will definatly be renewing my subscription.

Thanks for the extras sent out with the email yesterday,some realy interesting reading there.


Just wanted to say thanks for the seminar yesterday.

I enjoyed the day and found it very educational and it has helped me greatly.

It\'s given me a lot of confidence now, that with all i learnt yesterday mixed with what trading knowledge i already had, that i can make a real go of trading on a long term basis


I\'m looking forward to this. I am now canceling all other subscriptions, and I aim to stay focused and follow your advice. It\'s about time that my trading gets profitable


Just a quick one,many thanks for the improvement on the Trading email,easy to read all now.

All bar one with your LTD worked out as winners,at least I think one ended 0-0,didn\'t stay until the end of the Tours v Evian match,well done