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I currently operate a number of different services and work to continually expand on what I offer to subscribers.

The entry-level service is the BetfairGuru Trading Service which is a daily email-based service featuring trading advice and bets for the day ahead. This service has been running successfully since 2010!

Over time, a new service was built alongside the existing trading service in the form of the BetfairGuru Mentoring Service. This service has taken many different forms since it's inception in 2011 as the old Live Trading Room but these days focuses exclusively on a 1-2-1 basis - aiming to take you to profitability within 4 weeks.

Finally, in efforts to create the best of all worlds at a non-prohibitive price, we have the BetfairGuru Training Service - an ongoing course-based subscription service that provides content weekly.

A more recent addition to my service offering is the System Bets Service. It became clear that not all of my subscribers had time to trade at their computer all day every day and would much rather have solid selections they could simply place in the morning and not have to worry about. After extensive live testing and impressive results, the service became paid-subscription only in 2017 and membership numbers are restricted.

Furthermore, I regularly host Seminar events at various locations throughout Europe and Skype-based Webinar events on a range of subjects if no locations are currently suitable for you.


A range of products are on offer including custom offerings and automation projections to help you become a better trader/bettor and save you time and money in the process.

For the horse-racing traders, I have the Trading Horses guide - an extensive guide looking at strategy for trading horse-racing markets both pre-race and in-play. Also incorproated are speed ratings and how to project your own!

The Football Trading guide offers a comprehensive walk-through of football modelling and trading strategy. One of my most extensive works!

In exploring my favourite sport for trading, the Tennis Trading guide contains a collection of unique approaches to swing-trading the tennis markets.

Increasingly, my members are tech-savvy and curious about the benefits of automation. In response, I wrote a guide that covers the process of data-scraping in extensive detail. Covering PHP in the main but also using Python, the Web Scraping guide is a very thorough manual that takes you from beginner to expert level in creating web-scrapers and data-collection programs.

This is just a quick overview of what's available - check out the Products tab to see all of the guides and programs currently available

Free Content

A range of products are on offer including custom offerings and automation projections to help you become a better trader/bettor and save you time and money in the process.

My Strategy Guide is an introduction to strategy ideas and contains some of my general thoughts on trading. Originally envisaged as a Beginners Guide, over time the content has grown and for something a bit more beginner focused, perhaps consider Absolute Beginners.

My original reason for offering the Football League Tables was to provide members with consistency in naming convention between teams across many different leagues. Anybody that has ever tried to model a large number of leagues will be well aware of the problems that arise when team names change across seasons and/or you just cannot consistently find the information you need for a large number of leagues.

Another offering that I presented to solve a problem I have experienced myself and giving you free access to daily racecards in spreadsheet format. You can also download results from the day before so visit the Free Racecards page to find out more.

You can read articles on many subjects over at the Articles page. Articles are added regularly and the topics will diversify over time.